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Artz is as cool as they come! He was born in Latvia and fluent in Russian, he is now however UK-based, with a love for gaming, fashion, and hairstyling. He's roamed from London to Manchester and now calls Nuneaton home.

Gaming and fashion are Artz's passions, with a penchant for baggy and vintage styles. When not exploring virtual realms of gaming, he's out discovering new UK cities and towns. He's somewhat of a traveller!

In 2019, Artz fell in love with barbering, honing skills through YouTube videos. His ever-changing hairstyles perfectly reflects his creative spirit.

Artz finds inspiration in the world of barbering through Sean Wotherspoon, someone whom he admires and follows. He has a breadth of experience as a barber during his time at Everyman in Tamworth.

If you want a lively chat about gaming or travelling and unique cut, Artz is your man.

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