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At Shepherd’s we believe that hair and grooming plays a massive part in the way that your face and silhouette are framed. We also know, however, that being the finished article goes much deeper than just having great hair. Your manners need to match too. Here are ten conversation rules that you can follow, to ensure that you navigate the world of social interaction with as much grace and gravitas as your hair.

  1. Respect Small-Talk. It’s a lost art. Many people pride themselves on how ‘straight-talking’ or ‘direct’ they are. However, we live in Britain, and simple formalities such as ‘how do you do’ followed by a compliment on their dress, hair or an accessory is not only perceived as charming, but very, very British.
  2. Make Eye Contact and Smile. Avoiding eye contact makes you look evasive and disingenuous. And the old adage, ‘smile, and the world smiles with you’ is true. Happiness is contagious. Spread it with your face.
  3. Be Kind. Some people may be shyer and less confident than you. In a group context, always try and include them in the conversation. You never know the quieter, more listening types may add a new level of insight.
  4. Avoid Religion & Politics. I know it’s tempting, but both subjects put you at risk of offending people. Religion and politics are linked to people’s identity, and failure to share the exact same view on these matters can very quickly result in the conversation turning south.
  5. Ask Questions. Be inquisitive. It shows both care and interest. Don’t interrogate though. Nobody likes to feel like they are on trial.
  6. One-Upmanship Is Unattractive. I don’t need to explain this. A conversation is not a competition. That’s why there’s a word for conversation and a word for competition. The same goes for name-dropping. Steer clear.
  7. Don’t Reveal Too Much. In our world of social media, instant messaging and general over-sharing, it is becoming increasingly common for people to spill their guts to a comparative stranger. This is bad manners.
  8. Listen More. Talk Less. Again, listening more marks you out as inquisitive and caring. It also demonstrates patience and attentiveness. Aim to be talking for 25% of the time.
  9. Don’t Interrupt. It’s very disrespectful, and makes the other person feel like their viewpoint is of no interest to you, or that they have less right to speak.
  10. Don’t Be A Gossip. This shows people that you are unable to be discreet, and as a result, cannot be trusted. It is wrong to give away other people’s secrets, and it is bad form to revel in someone else’s misfortune.