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Birmingham is the city that we call home. In the last ten years, the growing Independent retail landscape has transformed the city into a genuine, stylish, global contender, and we’re proud to be part of it. Here’s a list of ten independent retailers that anyone serious about style should know about.

  1. The Liquor Store. Situated in the Grand Hotel Development, Colmore Row. Expect brands such as Universal Works, APC and Oliver Spencer.
  2. Clements & Church. Situated on Church Street. All clothing is bespoke, from suits and sport-coats to custom-made jeans and trainers. Expect impeccable service and an espresso (or scotch) during your consultation. This is for investment pieces only. Bring your credit card. Preferably the black one.
  3. Minima. This hidden gem is truly the best place in the city to buy furniture (provided your tastes are Scandinavian, mid-century modern) and in the last year, has also amassed an excellent selection of homewares, crockery and gifts. Situated in a stunning basement on George St. Jewellery Quarter. Expect brands such as Knoll, Hay and Iittala.
  4. Glimpse. Eyewear is back, in a big way. If you’re serious about design, and the standard Ray-ban/Guccis/Oakley/[insert generic sunglasses here] are just way too generic, then Glimpse is the only place in the city for you. Expect advice, bespoke frames and endless colour choices, with designs from Theo, Anne & Valentin, and Mykita to name a few.
  5. Loki. Forget Waitrose. No self-respecting Brummie turns up to a dinner party without a Loki bag. Wines from £9.99 to £999, expertly curated with knowledgeable (but not stuffy) wine-lovers to guide you. You can even drink-in, and sample from their Enomatic machines. Situated in Great Western Arcade.
  6. Vincent Van Doodle. Many art-stores struggle to toe the line between quirky and tasteful. Vincent Van Doodle have managed to do just that with beautifully made frames, artwork and homeware, with witty takes on inspirational people from the past. Wonderfully unconventional. Situated in the Bullring Link.
  7. Ikon Bookshop. Any self-respecting man (or lady) about town knows that your coffee-table is supposed to have a book on it – and there’s no finer place in Birmingham to obtain that book, than Ikon Bookshop. Situated in the Ikon Gallery, Oozells Square.
  8. Honest. If you like natural, beautiful skincare and apothecary, then you’re in for a serious treat here. Expect skincare products, candles, scent and soap of the highest quality. Situated in Great Western Arcade.
  9. Jam Jar Lights & The Workshop Below. This local brand has gone from obscurity to iconic in a very short space of time. Expect stunning lights and lamps made from industrial products that celebrate the city’s industrial heritage without dirt or overalls in sight. Situated on Bristol St. South.
  10. Peter Forson. If the suit makes the man, then it’s the accessories that make the suit. This expertly curated store, situated in Great Western Arcade stocks brands such as Stetson, Borsalino and Vivienne Westwood, to name but a few.

Photography by Omar Budeiri for OBC Digital