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At Shepherd’s, we believe in the power of beautiful hair. We also, however, know that in order to get on in life, your hair is just part of the mix. This is abundantly present in that classic scenario – the job interview. Here are ten sartorial tips on how to breeze your next interview by dressing your best.

  1. Shoes. Want to work in a law-firm or an investment bank? Arcane as it seems, many firms (especially those with a more international clientele) will scoff if you wear brown shoes with a business-suit. Try these Church’s Derbies instead. And make sure you polish them.
  2. Tie. Your tie should say ‘I’m useful’ not ‘I’m a maverick stockbroker from the 1980s’. Forget bright colours for your interview and wear something high-quality and inoffensive, like this Drake’s number.
  3. Suit. Your suit doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to fit you. Too tight and you look like an idiot – Too loose and you look like you’ve borrowed it from your Dad. The best way to do it if you’re on a budget, is to get yourself measured, then order one of these Charcoal Westminster Suits from TM Lewin. Then take it to your local tailor to get it nipped, tucked and adjusted to suit your body. Always buy a little bigger if you’re not sure. It’s easier to remove an inch than add one.
  4. Shirt. Play it safe. White, or pastel-blue are your options here. If you must have a pattern, then a simple stripe or check will suffice. And of course, as with the suit, make sure the fit is comfortable, and the sleeves aren’t too long. An inch longer than the suit-sleeves is perfect. If you’re on a budget, this one from Charles Tyrwhitt is a safe choice.
  5. Knot. Windsor-knots are for footballers. Opt for a four-in-hand and ensure a nice, central dimple.
  6. Watch. A tasteful timepiece will speak volumes at interview. Avoid a cheap-looking watch, but remember this is not the time for blingy-bezels either. If you’re on a budget, then why not opt for this Mondaine.
  7. Face. With beards becoming more common among young men, many employers are starting to loosen up on their arcane ‘shave every day’ mentality. However, if you’re not sure, for the purpose of getting that dream-job, it may be worth sacrificing that hipster-barb for the day and opting for a full shave the day before.
  8. Hair. This can be tricky. Make sure your hair looks natural. Too much product and you’ll end up looking like a character from ‘Saved By The Bell’. And that trendy hipster-fade that matched your converse or vans at university needs to go. Get a scissor-cut, and go for a blend over an under-cut. If in doubt, ask one of our barbers what they would suggest for a job interview and they’ll work with your facial-shape to ensure you look your best.
  9. Socks. Your socks should match your trousers. leave the garish family-guy socks at home. Try these from Marks & Spencer.
  10. Manners. This may seem obvious, but your level of etiquette at an interview may invoke prejudice about social class or your ability as a company ambassador if you get it wrong. Why not check out this article before your interview.

Photography by Omar Budeiri for OBC Digital