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3 Piece Shaving Set (Mach3 Razor)



Our Chamberlain shaving range is crafted and hand assembled in Sheffield England, a city known for its rich industrial history. The 3 Piece Mach3 Set with Black Synthetic Brush is a quality shaving set that will set you up for a well-rounded shave.

The Chamberlain Collection combines the latest technology with traditional hand finishing techniques to produce elegant and contemporary shaving accessories. Balance and shape ensure reassuring and rewarding shaving experiences daily.

Our Mach3 razors combine expert craftsmanship with modern design, featuring a Shepherds handle alongside genuine Gillette parts. The Gillette Mach3 head features a long lasting lubrastrip to enhance razor glide and indicates when the cartridge head needs changing. Each head contains three sharp blades in order to achieve a particularly close and comfortable shave.

The only replaceable cartridge blade heads that can be used with this product are the official Gillette Mach3 Cartridge Blades. Mach3 cartridge systems are very safe and replacement blades are available in most supermarkets and chemist shops. This product includes one free Gillette Mach3 Head to get you started.

The synthetic fibre shaving brush included in this set is an ethical, vegan-friendly, affordable alternative to badger hair. The black synthetic fibre retains hot water which, when combined with shaving cream or soap, can create a creamy lather that emulates the experience of using real badger hair shaving brushes, offering a comparable shave that is equally as pleasing.

This type of fill is becoming increasingly popular as synthetic fibres are extremely resistant to problems associated with lather residue in natural badger hair brushes. The hairs are very firm in the middle, allowing them to retain their shape and they dry exceptionally fast, making brush maintenance easier than ever.

Those with particularly sensitive skin may find that synthetic brushes are a good option as the tips are the softest of any type of shaving brush fill, offering an especially kind and pleasant touch to the skin.

When used with a quality shaving cream or soap, this shaving set will produce a close, comfortable, and satisfying shave.

The set is crafted using a specially selected imitation horn polyester material and finished off with a gleaming bright chrome trim, giving it a smart and attractive appearance.

All Shepherds shaving products are finished off with a thorough quality check and packed securely, allowing for safe and secure delivery.

Gillette® Mach3® Turbo are registered trademarks of Proctor & Gamble. Shepherds Limited is not affiliated with Proctor & Gamble.

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Green, Chrome, Ebony, Ivory, Light Horn