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SHEPHERDS WASH BAG | A classic Shepherds wash bag to house all of your essential grooming products.

D.R. HARRIS ARLINGTON SHAMPOO BAR | A recyclable aluminium tin containing D.R. Harris’s shampoo bar in a classic and crisp scent.

D.R. HARRIS ARLINGTON SHAVING CREAM | The classic shaving cream condensed into a tube, the perfect travel companion for the up-and-about shaver. 

D.R. HARRIS ARLINGTON DEODORANT | With a subtle citrus fragrance, this deodorant is suitable for all skin types and will stop perspiration.

D.R. HARRIS ARLINGTON COLOGNE | Light but lively tones in this aftershave makes it the perfect partner when you’re out in your day-to-day activities.

MINI MARVIS | A compact version of the classic Italian toothpaste.

SHEPHERDS TOOTHBRUSH | A recyclable bamboo toothbrush. Cut the bristles off before you recycle. 

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