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Thomas Clipper Luxury Body Scrub Bar



Sourcing: Organic ingredients help this premium exfoliating soap to perfectly match men’s skincare needs. Natural Italian volcanic pumice gives a rugged experience balancing perfectly with the sophisticated scent, creating a perfect premium body scrub. Made in England, each bar is 225g for a longer lasting luxury experience.

Scent: After a day exploring the peaks, ‘Mountain’ prepares you for an evening relaxing into a red wine by a roaring cabin fire. Rugged and refined, Vetiver, guaiac and cedarwood provide a seriously smokey base with zingy bergamot and aromatic spices, bringing freshness and balance. ‘Mountain’ has been selected as one of GQ’s favourite men’s fragrances in 2019 and 2020.

Solid: Solid skincare is on the rise. Solid products (instead of liquid gels etc.) perform better, plus they make for ten times less environmental impact (source: Institute of Environmental Engineering, Zurich). Plastic-free packaging and 100% natural exfoliator. Supporting artisans, each soap is hand poured in the UK in runs of just 5 soaps at a time. Made by people, not machines.

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