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Thomas Clipper Terra Firma Cologne



With the sea at your back, discover the invigorating possibility of your first steps on new shores.

Enjoy a clean, inspiring and unique scent every morning, combining marine and green notes for a perfectly balanced everyday cologne.

  • Fresh, invigorating aquatic notes with a fougère inspired green balance, grounded by a masculine and sophisticated base
  • Ideal for the modern man seeking something extraordinary everyday
  • 50ml premium aftershave, developed in Grasse, handmade in the UK, Eau De Toilette concentration for a mid-long duration

“Terra Firma is a lovely aquatic fragrance that transitions into a mature earthy balance of woods and tonka in a fougère-inspired journey of notes.

What strikes me as remarkable is that Terra Firma is an experience that happily suits everyday situations and confidently declares “I got this” as your day moves through its courses.”

A Life In Scent