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Creative Barber


I'm a born and bred south Brummie lad, although I can claim to be a little more special because of my Cypriot heritage.

I've been barbering since I was 15 years old when I joined Shepherds as an apprentice alongside studying at Reflections academy. In 2021 I graduated from Reflections to become a qualified Graduate Barber, a role that I've settled into comfortably here at Shepherds.

I'm comfortable cutting most lengths and styles. Can go from clean skin fade to classic business cut. I'm also good with a cutthroat razor, ask about the full beard shaping next time you're in.

Outside of work I support West Brom Albion and love a good night out, you'll find me on the benches of Albert's Schloss.


Started by sweeping floors at 15 and now worked my way to be the Creative Barber at Shepherds.

Part of the team that were finalists for 'Best Team' at the Modern Barber Mag Awards in 2022.

Was nominated and came runner up for Graduate Barber of the Year Award at the 2022 Modern Barber Mag Awards in Brighton. I sculpted an avant-garde style on the model, Sam, combining influence from architecture and Vidal Sassoon. Check out the entry cut and some of my haircuts down below.

Jag - Barber